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Why Greentoe?

Wouldn't it be nice to live in a world where you could simply name a price for the product you want to buy? Well, guess what... now you do. Say hello to

Greentoe is a revolution in online shopping. And it's remarkably easy. All you do is "name your price" for the product you want to buy - then Greentoe will automatically check with our vast network of certified retailers to see who is willing to meet that price. The first retailer to agree to your price gets the sale. It's that easy!

make an offer

Make an offer

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Big Savings!

We know, we know... what's the catch?

There isn't one. The trick is timing. Retailers are constantly cycling through inventory they need to sell. They're just waiting for the right buyer to come in and make the right offer. Now YOU can be that buyer - all from the comfort of your Internet-connected couch.

The more reasonable your offer is, the more retailers will jump. But make ANY offer you want and see what happens. It can't hurt. There's nothing to lose - but a huge chance to save. Catchy, huh?

With Greentoe, online negotiating has arrived. No more paying list price simply because you prefer to buy online like the rest of the civilized world. And no more listening to Uncle Joe Haggler brag about what a good deal he got on his new washer/dryer combo after spending two hours working wheeling and dealing with a salesperson. Just laugh at the afternoon he wasted; the 12 bucks he spent on gas driving all over town; and send him our link.

At Greentoe, pay the price you want to pay for the products you want buy.


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